A brand-new experience to Web3, D3D Social, is a Social-Fi application that realizes the decentralization of communication and financing. We provide a Web3 gateway for our users to develop, manage, and control the social media community and the values created by the users.

Transformation to Web3 Ethos

D3D Social is a novel SocialFi application by incorporating SNS functionalities and adding additional values like token transactions and NFT issuance. We develop a synergy to provide a value where one plus one equals more than two.

Decentralization of communication and financing

With the realization of decentralization, both the D3D wallet developed based on blockchain technology and personal information are under the control of users themselves, in which assets and personal information formerly kept by banks and platforms are entirely returned to users.

Just Do DAO

Participants in a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) may make choices based on their tokens and contributions to the community. The idea of "entity" has been broken down, and everyone may cooperate together to establish a network based on various initiatives.

Creator Economy

The creators monetize the created interactions, engagement, and data. D3D social will implement a token economy in which professionals and artists may interact directly with users without paying platform fees.

Partners & Investors



Used to be Risk Manager at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Founder of several Hedge Funds , Investment Advisory Company and $5BN Crypto Project. Also Founder of International School in U.S. Sophia University BA, Tokyo Institute of Technology Ph.D candidate and St.Clementz University Ph.D.


After graduating from university, MATSUO joined IBM where he was responsible for IT consulting for large financial companies, winning projects for large insurance companies in Europe and the US, contributing to $30 billion in sales.In 2021, MATSUO joined Bitmain, a leading mining company, as an Executive Director for the Japanese market, where he was responsible for the Bitcoin mining business, providing consulting advice to large Japanese trading companies and Japanese miners, as well as providing sales and marketing services to large trading companies, power solutions, mining plant construction, etc.


Devin has spent the last five years working in the blockchain business. During this time, he oversaw projects in public chains, DeFi, GameFi, IGO, NFT and other areas. He has extensive expertise in Fintech, Web3, Metaverse, and blockchain research and development. Devin has helped to maintain and update the Conflux public chain’s source code and test cases, as well as design, implementation, and maintenance of ShuttleFlow-related services and DAPPs.